Shade Sails - Schools & Child Care Centres


Triangles! Squares! Circles! Little kids love their shapes and so do we. Our shade sails for childcare centres and schools are site specific, maximising existing structures and exceeding safety standards.

We know how important it is to be playful with colour and design, and be safe and strong with manufacture and installation. Our child care solutions are fully engineered and certified to withstand site specific wind conditions, creating safe environment for children to play in.

Our work also includes shade sails, playground shade, tension membrane structures, waterproof shadecloth, custom awnings, custom netting, safety netting, fall netting, construction safety netting, stage cloth and curtains, theatrical drapes, and custom fabric artwork.

Would you like to know more? Please call 02 8033 7754 or email tom@pattons.com.auto book an initial consultation.

Take a look at our ArchitecturalSafety NettingSchools, or Staging brochures.

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