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Backed by a rich history that dates to 1953, we continue to uphold our tradition of excellence, while pushing the boundaries of design and engineering.


Winner of 6 x Specialised Textile Association awards


Longstanding member of STA + in-house expertise


Clients include government, corporate, sport + arts


Innovative and independent business since 1953


Fabric is the heart and soul of Pattons. We’ve been working with fabric since 1953, then enterprising Sydney resident Harry Patton started the business. In post-war Australia, outdated milling machinery, dangerous chemical processes and low-quality fabrics were being replaced with new technology and new markets.

By the 1980s tensile fabric structures were appearing as the cutting edge of outdoor architectural shade and weather protection. Some well-know places were first to commission this new style, including Luna Park Theatredome and Seaworld Nara Resort.

After all eyes were on Sydney for the 2000 Sydney Olympics, light, bright, floating structures became synonymous with sporting events, summer shade and beautiful outdoor spaces. In 2005, Tom Gastin took over Pattons, and remains its owner.

In the past two decades technology has rapidly advanced – from complex polymer fabrics to innovative installation methods and engineering processes. Through it all, Pattons has remained an independent business, serving excellent work with curiosity, innovation and commitment.


Fully engineering solutions to maximise safety and longevity.

Investing in innovation and our people, to stay ahead of the curve.

Prioritising consultation because we know a good start fuels success.

Utilising advanced project management systems and equipping project leaders.

Loving the creativity and challenge of design, fabrication and installation.

Innovating with fabric since 1953

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Renowned for exceptional standards, we combine our deep industry knowledge with cutting-edge design and engineering to meet the unique requirements of every project. Pattons provides comprehensive services from initial consultation through to installation, ensuring safety, longevity, and superior quality.

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We are trusted partners with a proven record of great results.
Our solutions are fully engineered to maximise safety and longevity.
We invest ahead of the curve in technology, innovation and talent.
Our work is best in class, and wins excellence and innovation awards.