Residential shade sails are only a small part of the products we offer for your home. Our work is designed, manufactured and installed to stand the test of time and look great.

Too many residential shade sail and other projects fail because proper engineering analysis is skipped over by cut-rate installation companies. Pattons provides engineering services for commercial work and this allows us to use cutting edge knowledge for residential projects in a cost effective way. We take our technology from our high end applications and use it to deliver safe, reliable products on the residential market.

Our concept design team work with our engineering team to find a good balance between architectural integrity and practicality and reliability. We can provide architectural designs to marry with existing architecture of the building to any scale.

Our work also includes shade sails, playground shade, tension membrane structures, waterproof shadecloth, custom awnings, custom netting, safety netting, fall netting, construction safety netting, stage cloth and curtains, theatrical drapes, and custom fabric artwork.

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