Digital Fabric Printing

Enhance your fabric solution by incorporating printing. There is no limit to the size and detail we can print onto fabric. We have extensive experience in this area and can consult with you on every detail, from matching Pantone colours to printing high resolution images (photographs, artwork) to scale.


Our efficient and effective project management systems mean we deliver quick turnaround through design, manufacture, and installation phases.


Ten years ago, the majority of fabric printing was applied by vinyl lettering. Now, with the digital printing technology available to us, we can print on most fabrics we supply.


This kind of printing works to brand venues, create artwork, and enhance the aesthetic qualities of architectural fabric skins and fabric roof structures.


The largest work we’ve printed was more than 10,000 square meters. We have created large and small scale printing work for NRL State of Origin matches, Events, theatres, artworks, construction hoarding and building companies.


Would you like to know more? Please call 02 8033 7754 or email to book an initial consultation.  


Take a look at our Architectural, Safety Netting, Schools, or Staging brochures.

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