Bourke Park Shade Structure

Bourke Park Shade Structure


Project specifications

This project called for a shade structure that would serve as a centerpiece for a public park area.

The architects had designed a circular frame with a reasonably flat surface area of fabric. We were engaged to find a way to make the design work whilst maintaining architectural integrity.


We worked with the architects to create a structurally sound frame, and a beautiful, flamboyant, interesting shade sail.

One key architectural component was to keep the steel frame looking slimline and to use the fabric as the focal point.

We created the sky ring in the centre of the structure, suspended by cables, to create enough fall to meet engineering requirements regarding hail and heavy rain.


The result was a bright unique structure that creates and draws attention and protects an area with shade or from adverse weather events. This combination of function and beauty is one of Pattons specialties.

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Location: Bourke Road, Alexandria
Client: City of Sydney