Big Pink Condom – ACON

Big Pink Condom – ACON


When the City Of Sydney wanted to help promote HIV awareness they turned to the only people that can make it possible. This unique installation had to be installed overnight in the middle of the city. When Sydney awoke this massive Pink Condom was news all around the world.

It is definitely a one of a kind and is a great example of what Pattons can do.

SIZE: The 18m condom is over a historic obelisk

STRUCTURE: Steel support ribs were mounted on padded braces so as to not damage the historic structure

LINKS: Just put “big pink condom” into your favourite search engine to get over a million results.

For example, have a look at these links:

Location: Sydney City
Client: Acon, City of Sydney, NSW Health
Sector: Commercial, Fabric Art Structures, Digital Fabric Printing