Why Us


Why Pattons?

We consistently surpass client expectations, ensuring a seamless experience from inception to completion. At Pattons, you’re presented with an array of colours and fabric types to perfectly enhance your space, reflecting your individual taste, budget, and purpose.

No matter the requirement – be it residential, commercial, or for a festival – we provide:

  • Licensed and Accredited Service (Lic # 240451C)
  • Unrivalled Craftsmanship and Quality Materials
  • Tailored Solutions Based on Listening to Your Needs
  • Fast, Efficient Project Delivery
  • Flexible Options to Suit Your Budget

Each Patton’s product is meticulously crafted to meet individual client’s specifications, resulting from an in-depth, collaborative appraisal of your needs.

Our creations are:

  • Award-winning Designs
  • Custom-made for a Perfect Fit in Any Space
  • Unique and Visually Striking
  • Built to Withstand Time and Elements
  • Current Designs that Deliver Exceptional Long-term Value

Experience the Pattons difference. When it comes to fabric solutions, we are your trusted partner.

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Why Us


We always exceed our client’s expectations across the entire project timeline. 

You can choose from a range of colours & fabric types to compliment your space, taste, budget and purpose.

Whether it’s for your home, festival or commercial property we guarantee:

  • Licensed Works (Lic # 240451C)
  • We are accredited
  • High quality workmanship and materials
  • We listen to your needs, provide expert advice & appropriate solutions
  • Fast and efficient turnaround of work
  • Solutions to suit your needs and budget
  • Every Patton’s product is manufactured to individual client’s specifications following a detailed collaborative appraisal of your needs.

 Pattons create products that are:

  • Award winning 
  • A perfect fit for a specific space, occasion or taste
  • Totally unique
  • Visually spectacular
  • Incredibly durable and practical

Designs that remain current and provide exception long-term value