Sight Screens – Sydney Cricket Ground

Sight Screens – Sydney Cricket Ground


Project Specifications

Sight screens were required at the Sydney Cricket Ground to provide better player and spectator conditions.

Unique Challenges

Sight screens need to be tight, neat, not move in the wind, and not create glare in the sun. They also need to be cost effective and quick to install.


We provided specific consultation during the design process, sharing our past experience with solutions that met the needs of players, Cricket Australia, field umpires and match referees. 

This includes using fire retardant and non-glare fabrics which have been tested and successfully used for years around Australia by Pattons.


We used three methods of custom tensioning system to create the tightest, neatest and most flat sight screen system in the country.

We delivered:

  • Quick set-up and removal, saving on installation costs
  • A wind rated tension system to avoid covers excessively blowing in the winds and stopping play
  • Excellent coverage plans specifically designed to meet cricketer and umpire needs
  • One way vision screens on parapet areas to block moving pedestrians behind the bowlers
  • Additional site specific solutions for tricky areas and safety needs

Our system has been used at the SCG for several seasons now and is rated as the best sight screen coverage in Australia.

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Client: Sydney Cricket Ground
Sector: Commercial, Sporting Events