Shade Sail - Prince Alfred Park Playground


Prince Alfred Park is an inner city refuge for adults, kids and animals alike. The shade sail at the Prince Alfred Park playground needed to be functional, playful and fit within the larger park aesthetic. It’s main objective is to provide shade on th slide to keep the steel from heating up.

This award winning project was designed by Sue Barnsley Design to look like folded origami. It was created with minimalist infrastructure to provide an aestheicly lightweight shade solution using small steel posts and large guy cables. 

This provided excellent coverage for the area, had a lightweight feel, and was specifically made to withstand local wind conditions.

Our work also includes shade sails, playground shade, tension membrane structures, waterproof shadecloth, custom awnings, custom netting, safety netting, fall netting, construction safety netting, stage cloth and curtains, theatrical drapes, and custom fabric artwork.

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