High Translucent Waterproof PVC Structure - Randwick Golf Club


This work is a great example of how beautiful, simple design can change a space for the better. We created a high translucent waterproof PVC structure for Randwick Golf Course under specific conditions that came out just right.

Being so close to the coast and massive offshore winds meant we needed to cleverly engineer a structure that would withstand all conditions. We also had to respect the old building infrastructure.

The design reflects a nautical theme, and the shape was designed to open the eyeline to a spectacular view on Sydney’s coastline.

The structure is 100% waterproof. It uses a high translucent PVC to offer more than 98% shade from the sun while still maintaining natural light and an open, clean space.

Our work also includes shade sails, playground shade, tension membrane structures, waterproof shadecloth, custom awnings, custom netting, safety netting, fall netting, construction safety netting, stage cloth and curtains, theatrical drapes, and custom fabric artwork.

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